About Meridian Software


Meridian Software have been pioneers in marketing low-cost investment software for private investors in the UK.

The company was formed in 1986. At that time there was not much investment software available and the programs that did exist seemed to be either very expensive or cheap and amateurish.

Our idea was to provide an inexpensive but good, complete and reliable portfolio manager to help average investors know what investments they had and how much they were worth. The program would also chart share prices to show how their investments were performing.

Our first program appeared before the PC was popular in the UK and ran on the early Amstrad computers.


Current Software

Our current software has come a long way since the early days and has been steadily improved to use new developments in computing and data services and to include our own ideas and suggestions from our existing customers.

We currently have three versions of our software.

Stockmarket 6: This is our entry level version of the program which we deliberately keep simple. Even so it is a full portfolio manager and has basic charting facilities. Share prices can be typed in manually or downloaded from our data service. Typing in prices may be unfashionable but is simple and easy if you follow only a few shares. (It may take five minutes on a Saturday morning.) You can also start a virtual portfolio to practise your investment skills.

Stockmarket 6+: This is an extended version which lets you segment a portfolio by business or geographic sectors, place stop losses on your shares, password protect your portfolios and draw bar and pie charts to monitor performance. It also has more charting and share prices can be downloaded to update portfolios and charts.

Investor 4: This is the top of the range program. It has all the features of Stockmarket 6+ but with bigger data files, improved stop loss warnings, a welcome screen, easier data downloading, easier charting, watch lists to see price movements of shares that interest you (and the whole database) and much more. It also has much greater analytical capabilities for both technical and fundamental analysis.

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Future Software

We are committed to continue to improve and refine our software. We (and our users) have many ideas which we want to incorporate in the next generation of our products.

We always welcome comments and suggestions from our customers on how to improve the software.

We hope that we can make your investing more profitable and more fun!


Software and Customer Base

As we sell low-cost investment software we have to sell a lot of programs to make a profit. This has two effects:

  • The software has to be robust: If you sell only a few hundred copies of a program you can probably cope with problems on an individual basis if the software does not work properly. We can't afford to do that. Our software has to be reliable and it is!
  • There are a lot of people using our software: We have sold a lot of copies of our programs and have a large customer base. Consequently we get a good amount of feedback from our customers about what improvements they would like to see in the program. This means that each new version of the software incorporates new features that our customers want!


Data Download

With all our current software shares prices can be typed in manually or downloaded from our data service. This will update your database of share prices for charting and your portfolios to revalue them instantly.

We have a data service providing closing prices and OCHLV (Open, Close, High, Low, Volume) data every evening of around 3000 UK shares, indices, major US stocks and major European stocks for the past 30 days (ie. six weeks). That is more than any other comparable service. Click here to see a list of names.

All our current software will download the prices automatically directly into the program for charting and to revalue your portfolios instantly.

You can also download the prices to use with other software or directly into your spreadsheet. You can download directly from the web page or you can use our free download software which will dial up, download the data files and log off automatically. It's fast and simple!


Contact Us

You can get in touch with us at:

Meridian Software
Amberley House
The Park
Sidcup   Kent
DA14 6AL
United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) 020 8309 5960
e-mail: sales@meridian-software.co.uk
    or    datasales@meridian-software.co.uk