Data Download [Closing Prices]

Manual Download                         [Subscribers only]

If you have our software it will download the closing prices automatically. You would not normally have to download from this web page.

Click one of the links below to see the daily price files available to download.

The prices are available to download at 6:30 pm each evening.

Please ask about other data formats. We can almost certainly arrange it.

You can also download the prices to use with other software or directly into your spreadsheet. You can download directly from this web page or you can use our free download software which will dial up, download the data files and log off automatically. It's fast and simple!

The data is available for an annual subscription of £36.95 (plus VAT).

Conditions of Use

By downloading data you accept and agree our Conditions of Use.

These may be read by clicking the Conditions of Use button on the left.