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    Welcome                                             [Top]

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    t_71wel1 t_71wel2
    Welcome screen Welcome: Portfolio
    Welcome: Bank Welcome: Charts

    The Welcome screen will be displayed when you open the program.

    It gives you easy access to all the main features of the program (eg. starting a file, entering data, producing reports, drawing charts). When you are more familiar with the program you can stop using the Welcome screen and use the buttons on the tool bar instead.


    Charting / Company Analysis                   [Top]

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    Select name Price chart
    Price and averages chart

    Good analysis of all available information is essential in making wise investment decisions. Graphical analysis of share prices, index movements and company results is a powerful method of spotting trends quickly and with all our programs there are a variety of tools available to help you do this.

    The most common charts are already set up for you. Just select the share name and you can draw a chart automatically and perfectly scaled to fit the screen exactly.

    Stockmarket 6 will draw a good basic share price chart and a chart to show price and moving averages. You can select the period of the averages to suit your investment strategy. It will also draw a chart comparing prices of two shares or a share and an index. That is useful for seeing if one investment is performing as well as another. Whichever chart you draw no scaling is necessary, just select a share name and the chart will be drawn. Select another name and move directly on to plot the next share.

    If you want to do something more special you can select exactly what you want to plot and how to plot it. Set the scales and layout to suit yourself. Scales can be actual prices or rebased to base 100 or base 1 (useful for comparing two securities). Then you can add or delete any line (price, average, etc) with one click. Click to show; click to hide!

    You can set the default value and normal colour (eg. average of 5 in red) for each line that you will plot. One click then displays the line using that default value in that colour. It is very simple. Naturally you can override the defaults if you wish. Text and labels can be put anywhere on charts as required. Charts can be printed for further study and permanent record.



    Select which topic of the program you want to look at from the table on the left. Each topic has thumbnails of the screens available to illustrate that topic. Click on a thumbnail screen to see a full sized screen.


    Portfolio Management                            [Top]

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    Enter transactions Enter dividends
    t_71por3 t_71por4
    Current summary Specify Dividends report

    Record normal share purchases and sales and other events such as scrip issues, rights issues and consolidations. All these can be entered very simply to keep your portfolio correct.

    You can enter ordinary and scrip dividends. The program knows the tax rates and will calculate and display the tax payable automatically. Tax rates can be entered and edited after a budget. Transactions and dividends can be automatically debited or credited to bank accounts.

    A wide range of reports is available. List summaries of current and past holdings, transactions, dividends and cash accounts.

    Reports can be tailored to show the level of detail that you want. They can be general and show all transactions, dividends, etc. or can be specific and show, for example, just sales, sales between two dates, dividends in one tax year, etc.


    Automatic Data Entry                             [Top]

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    Downloading Closing prices

    Just click a button and around 3000 can be downloaded into Stockmarket 6 from our data service via the internet.

    With our data service you can download up to 30 days' prices at once (by subscription). Ideal for when you go away on holiday!

    Data services use a code name for each share. The program can record a long name as well so that proper long names can be used in your portfolios and on charts.

    Database maintenance is easy. Over time shares are added to and deleted from any data service. You can refresh your list and data files periodically with one click!


    Tools                                                  [Top]

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    t_71too1 t_71too2
    Welcome screen Wizard: Downloading
    Wizard: Virtual Portfolio

    Welcome Screen: Nothing to learn. There is now a Welcome screen which will appear when you run the program to guide you to all the main features that you will need. Become an expert user faster.

    Wizards: Downloading made easy. Use our Wizards to enter the details needed to start downloading data.

    Wizards: Virtual Portfolio. Set up a virtual portfolio to see how much money you can make without risk! Practise investing.