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Download Investor 4 Demonstration

You can download a demonstration version of Investor 4 here.

This is a full version of the program which will run for about thirty days.

You will have free access to almost all the program to explore its features, create portfolios and bank accounts, add your shares, add transactions, add dividends, revalue your portfolio, draw charts, watch shares and much more.

Any data files created during the demonstration period can be used in the complete program after purchase.

Click the Download button below to download the demonstration version of the program.

   Download Demonstration

Select either Save or Run if given the choice by your browser.

If you save the file make sure that you know where you have saved it. You will then need to run the file afterwards to install the program on your computer.

Download Software

New users can download our current software here.

Click the one of the Download buttons below to do that.

You will not be able to run the programs without first obtaining a licence. You can do that by clicking the Buy button on the left.

  Download Investor 4
  Download Stockmarket 6+
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Existing Users

If you have already bought our current software but need to download the program again (eg. if you have changed computers) click the Existing users button below.

    Existing users

The downloads on this page may not work with your licence number.