Stockmarket 6+


Stockmarket 6+                     £89.95 (plus VAT)

  • Manage your portfolio
  • Analyse its performance
  • Chart your investments
  • Compare shares / indices
  • Automatically download prices
  • Welcome screen to help use program
  • A superb comprehensive portfolio manager with sectors, bar and pie charts. It is still simple to use.

    Type in share prices or download them automatically each day to revalue your portfolios and update your charts. Draw charts of share prices to monitor their progress. Draw charts to compare performance between shares and/or indices.

      •  Look at our screenshots to see the program in action.


    Charting / Company Analysis                   [Top]

  • Plot price charts of your shares
  • Plot moving averages of any period
  • Compare one share with another
  • Compare share with an index
  • Automatic scaling or select your own scales
  • Keep notes on shares
  • Email charts
  • Analyse with bar and pie charts
  • Many other features...
  • Plotting is simple. Just select a share name and the chart will be scaled and drawn automatically so that it fills the screen perfectly. Click a button to add a moving average. Click again and the line disappears.

    If you wish you can choose the chart scales yourself to show just the part of the chart that interests you.

      •  Look at our screenshots to see the program in action.


    Contact Us

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    Tel: (+44) 020 8309 5960

    Portfolio Management                            [Top]

  • Easy data entry
  • Use for shares, unit trusts, ISAs, SIPPs, etc
  • Record ordinary, scrip and accumulation dividends
  • Subdivide portfolios by sector
  • Password protection
  • Keep notes on your shares
  • Specify your own reports
  • Analyse portfolio with bar and pie charts
  • Keep separate bank accounts
  • Keep portfolios for family / clients
  • Many other features...
  • It is very easy to enter your existing shares and dividends. Just enter the share name and details of the transaction or dividend and the program does the rest. Share prices can be typed in whenever required or more probably downloaded from our data service. The program will instantly revalue your investments.

    Portfolios can be subdivided into business and geographic sectors to help you monitor your investments. You can draw bar or pie charts to analyse your holdings by sector or investment type.

    Highlight any share name in one of the entry screens and click a button to draw a chart for that share instantly from the database.

    A wide range of reports is available. List a summary of your current investments. List dividends received in a year for the tax-man. Reports can show summaries of current and past holdings, transactions, dividends and cash accounts. Reports can be general and show all transactions, dividends, etc or can be specific and show, for example, just sales, sales between two dates, dividends in one tax year, etc.

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    Automatic Data Entry                             [Top]

  • Download Closing prices from our data service
  • One click updating
  • Up to 30 days prices at once
  • Easy name change maintenance
  • Many other features...
  • Automatic updating makes life so much easier! Stockmarket 6+ lets you update every day from our data service (subscription required).

    Closing prices are available for downloading in the evening or the following day. With our data service you can also download prices for the whole week at one go at the weekend.

    Keep the share list up to date with any new names at the press of a button.

      •  Look at our screenshots to see the program in action.


    Tools                                                  [Top]

  • Welcome screen
  • Wizards
  • Many other features...
  • Welcome Screen: Nothing to learn. There is a Welcome screen which will appear when you run the program to guide you to all the main features that you will need. Become an expert user faster.

    Wizards: Downloading made easy. Use our Wizards to enter the details needed to start downloading data.

    Wizards: Virtual Portfolio. Set up a virtual portfolio to see how much money you can make without risk!

      •  Look at our screenshots to see the program in action.